Ancelotti Cancels Arda Güler’s Substitution and Gives Him a Nudge: “If He Doesn’t Understand…”

Arda Güler experienced another tough moment after being ready to enter the field but ultimately not getting any playing time. Ancelotti addressed that moment.

With the score tied at 0-0, Real Madrid was seeking the goal that would give them 3 points. Ancelotti made a clear decision with the substitution, aiming to attack more aggressively by replacing Nacho with Modric.

It was evident that he wanted a much more offensive team, which is why he was preparing another substitution, with Arda Güler already dressed and ready to come on.

However, Modric scored a fantastic goal, prompting an immediate reaction from the coach. He turned around to halt the substitution, and ultimately, the young Turkish player didn’t get a chance to step onto the field.

During the press conference, it was expected that Ancelotti would be asked about this situation, and he explained the change of decision: “Arda Güler? With the goal, I preferred to bring on Ceballos, who is more defensive.”

Ancelotti Sends a Message to Güler It seemed like he was asking for more defensive sacrifice from Güler, which is why he preferred Ceballos, but he made it clear by saying, “I’m sure he understands, and if not, it’s okay.”

Carlo was confident that he had made the right decision, and that’s why he stated that Güler should understand why he ultimately didn’t play despite being ready.

But he also made it clear that if Güler doesn’t understand, there’s nothing he can do about it. We’ll see if he gets minutes in the next match because every gesture he makes will be scrutinized.

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